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BASSH 2021 Audition Guidelines


Please read the guidelines carefully.  Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions!


Auditions will be held at the Marjorie Luke Theater on Sunday, August 15th in the afternoon. Auditions are by appointment only, based on applications submitted by Monday, August 2nd. They are performed live before a small panel of adjudicators.  Acceptance into the show is based on the quality of work and meeting the following guidelines:


  • All choreographers must be adults, age 18 and older.

  • The minimum performer age is 14.

  • The maximum number of performers per group piece is 16.

  • The maximum number of minutes per group piece is 6, please inform us if your piece is longer than the allotted time.

  • The maximum number of minutes per duet is 4.

  • At least 75% of your piece should be complete at the time of audition.

  • All dancers must be present at the audition.

  • All choreography and music should be appropriate for audiences of all ages.  Use clean music versions only.

  • If accepted, the performance piece auditioned must be the same piece performed at the show.

  • Each studio/group may submit up to 2 pieces other that the opening number. 

  • No solo acts, please.


If you have a special circumstance you would like to discuss, please contact us at


What to Expect at the Audition


  • Audition times will be pre-scheduled and performed live before a small panel of experienced performers and show producers.

  • You will be provided a few minutes to orient yourself to space and floor.  The music level will be established before the beginning.  You give us the signal when you are in position and ready to dance!

  • Panel members may ask questions about your piece and provide feedback.

  • There will be a photo shoot. If costumes are not final, be prepared to show or explain costume concepts and ideas.  Wear something that is close to the costume or have at least one costume available. We will be having the photo shoot before your audition. Please arrive 30-45 minutes before your audition time.

  • Total audition time is approximately 5-10 minutes.

BASSH 2021 Creative Guidelines


The BASSH Production Team is committed to continuing the BASSH legacy of bringing social dance to the stage.  We are also excited to take BASSH to new heights of entertainment in a format that supports and encourages the evolutionary, creative nature of dance.


As you develop your BASSH pieces, we invite you to …




The following ideas can help add variety, texture, and an element of surprise! 



All dancers’ movements synchronized

All dancers on stage the entire time

All dancers wear matching costumes

Chosen music is traditional for the dance genre

Use the same song from beginning to end

Strict focus on technique and “the moves”

Stay within your genre


Dancers doing different things and occasionally synchronizing movements

Dancers enter and exit at different times

Costumes fit a color theme but vary slightly to fit personalities and/or flatter different body types

Chosen music is non-traditional for the dance genre

Mix music cuts; use remixes of traditional music

Set a scene, tell a story, create a feeling, involve audience emotions such as laughter and surprise

Collaborate with another dance group

BASSH 2021 Important Dates and Costs


Before submitting your application, please make sure you and your dancers can commit to all the below dates and meet choreographer and performer guidelines. Tech Rehearsals are either Wednesday or Thursday. Each group will have the option to attend a tech rehearsal either  Tuesday or Wednesday. Dress Rehearsal on Thursday is required for all groups.




  • Sunday, August 1: BASSH Applications Due  

  • Sunday, August 15: BASSH Auditions at the Marjorie Luke Theater 1:30 to 5:30 pm

  • Sunday, September 12: BASSH Run Thru # 1  the Marjorie Luke Theater by appointment

  • Tuesday, November 2: Tech rehearsal day 1 at The Marjorie Luke Theater (5 -10 pm) 

  • Wednesday, November 3: Tech rehearsal day 2 at The Majorie Luke Theater (5 -10 pm) 

  • Thursday, November 4: Dress Rehearsal 5 pm call time, 6 pm Dress Rehearsal entire cast

  • Friday, November 5: First Show: Cast Call Time: 6:30 pm, Performance 7:30 pm

  • Saturday, November 6: Second Show: Cast Call Time: 6:30 pm, Performance 7:30 pm


Cast Donations

A $25 donation from each dancer helps produce a professional-quality show, including: Those who donated in 2020 and did not get refunds can expect their fees to transfer to this show: 

  • Theater rental and production

  • Cast photoshoot will take place at the audition

  • Show promotion and press coverage


Cast Advertisement 

There will be two tables in the flyer of the theater for artists to place advertising  for their studio, such as flyers, business cards, etc.